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Our Experienced Master Carvers

The master carvers at Ohana Island Creations in Oahu, Hawaii, take pride in offering only the best Tiki carvings and woodwork for their customers. After years of training and focus, they are able to offer woodwork that brings the culture of the islands into vivid focus.

Tonu Naeata—Master Carver

Tonu Naeata is the owner of Ohana Island Creations, and one of the master carvers producing original art for our customers. Since he was young, he has known how to transform ordinary segments of wood into beautiful works of art. In 1971, he met Victor Niu, who was one of the best carvers in the world. He advised Tonu on the right tools needed for this craft. He then taught himself and advanced his skills to a master level.

After attending Brigham Young University—Hawaii in 1974, he had an opportunity to work with the Polynesian Cultural Center. This helped him learn bone carving, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Art. He now works with his two sons creating works that are now found in different countries across the world. This team has more than 40 years of experience in wood carving.

Sini Naeata—Master Carver

Sini started carving at the age of eight, and he is the son of the original carver. He created his first major carving in 2002, out in Logan, Utah. There he carved an entire tree that was 23 feet high and 6 feet in diameter. This work was eventually called The Creation. He is responsible for carving the major Tikis, ranging from 1-foot to 15-feet high. Sini is also responsible for helping the owner in carving the sea life and wildlife.

Master Carver Sini

Master Carver Hamani

Hamani Naeata—Master Carver

Hamani also started his career as a carver at the age of eight, and when he was 12 he worked with Sini on his work entitled The Creation. Another major carving of his is one containing seven characters, called The Harmony. This work stands nine feet tall and was sent out to New York. He is responsible for carving the major Tikis, as well as the bone carvings.